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Island Perkville Fitness Challenge: Dyna Disc Balance Test

May 3, 2019

The Challenge: to balance as long as you can on your non- dominant foot without holding on to anything. Place the dyna disc next to a machine or railing in which you can grab onto if needed.

1.      Place your non- dominant foot in the middle of the dyna disc (please perform the test next to something you can grab on to if you begin to waiver or fall, so you do not actually fall and hurt yourself).

2.      Give yourself a moment to find your center of gravity on the disc.

3.      Tell the trainer when you are ready, and place your hands on your hips.

4.      The clock will start immediately.

5.      Time stops when you put your other foot down or grab onto something for support.

A little about the Balance Disc:

The balance disc is also known as a Dyna disc. You can use this to perform or even modify certain exercise routines. By using it, you are making the routine more challenging and new. The discs are generally used used by athletes and those undergoing physical rehabilitation. However, it is suggested that before you start doing balance disc workouts, you must first be able to perform the exercises without the disc.

The balance disc is an important tool used in core training. You can actually stand, sit and kneel on the balance disc. This is performed in such a way that increases difficulty on those easy exercise routines. Beginners are encouraged to do sitting exercises using the balance disc. You can eventually come up with several ways on how to use the balance disc while sitting on it.

Even when you are not literally exercising, you can still sit on the balance disc. You can place it on your chair, you can stand on it, even kneel on it. Sitting over the disc can be wobbly so you have to try different movements so as to retain your balance. Through these small continuous motions that you are making, deep core muscles are being enhanced. It is very important to maintain an upright posture when seated on the disc.

Doing some standing exercises over the balance disc can be a bit tricky though. If you are a first-timer, you can do it by leaning first on the wall. You can do this for ten seconds. It is important that you master standing on the disc with hands placed on your hips. You need to do that first before incorporating some weight-bearing exercises. You may only proceed with free weight exercises once you are already comfortable standing on the disc.

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