Cayuga Coaching Services

Bike Fit

Learn the basics of adjusting a bike to optimize comfort and race performance.
Price: $100

Run Analysis

Biomechanical analysis of gait to optimize your running ability. Individualized attention to running style and ways to optimize running performance.
Price: $200

Sports Massage

Western style massage designed to address specific needs of athletes and aid in athletic performance
Price: $55 / half hour

Sports Nutrition

Individual consultation with a sports nutritionist. You will be given strategies and recommendations to maximize training and race performance through proper nutrition.
Price: $160

Strength Training

One hour training session with certified and educated exercise physiologists will be sure to take you to your peak performance.
Price: $55/hour

Swim Analysis

Analyze your swim technique to optimize efficiency and maximize swim performance.
Price: $110

V02 Max

How aerobically fit are you? V02 Max will determine your maximum capacity to transport and utilize O2 during exercise in order to determine your aerobic fitness.
Price: $120

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