Island Challenge
Row The Susquehanna
Sun., April 23-Sun., June 11, 2023

Questions? E-mail Stephanie at [email protected]

Do you have what it takes? See how far you can get down the Susquehanna river on our rowing machines at either location in 7 weeks! Open to all.

GOAL: 444 miles

Each member will have the goal to individually row the cumulative distance of the Susquehanna River on rowing machines in 7 weeks by themselves. Or, see how far you can get! 

Prize categories will include furthest traveled by age group (student, adult, and senior), and a random drawing for all who actively participate!

Each winner will receive a choice of $25 “Club Bucks” or an Island apparel item. 

Compare the scores of all participants by username on the scoresheet above.


After each row, participants must take a photo of distance traveled and show the front desk to have their scores added. Upon verification, front desk staff will add it to “Scoreboard” spreadsheet with results being totaled. 

If you do not have time to stop or if the front desk staff is busy, e-mail your photo to [email protected]

Rowing Machine Locations

Downtown- 2 on second floor, 2 in third floor studio

Community Corners- 2 on gym floor, 2 in studio 

See our last challenge winners HERE!


Questions? E-mail Stephanie at [email protected]