Climbing Island Challenge
Island to Everest
October 1-November 12, 2022

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Mt Everest

29 Miles

29,029 ft.

How To Jacob’s Ladder:

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Do you have what it takes? Try to climb the equivalent of Mt. Everest on our Jacob’s Ladder at either location in 6 weeks! Open to all.

Compare the scores of all participants by username. 

Green will indicate those in the lead!

GOAL: 29,029 feet

Prizes: You could win 1 month of membership, a duffel bag, or a free Rasa massage! Prize categories may include First to finish, Most Consistent, Most Improved, and Furthest Traveled.

To complete the challenge, each member will have to cumulatively climb the distance to Mt. Everest on the Jacob’s ladder in 6 weeks by themself. 


After each “climb”, participants must take a photo of distance traveled and show the front desk to have their scores added. Upon verification, front desk staff will add it to “Scoreboard” spreadsheet with results being totaled. 

If you do not have time to stop or if the front desk staff is busy, text your photo to (607)882-7095. 


If the Jacob’s Ladder will not work for you, you can participate on a Treadmill  or Stepper/Arc Trainer (recommend 7 incline, 10 resistance.)

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