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This lightweight, high repetition, barbell class is sure to deliver a
great total body workout for all fitness levels. (Hybrid Class)

Boot Camp
Dumbbells, body weight, and calisthenics are sure to get your heart
rate up in this fun and unique class. Maximize your workout hour in
this class designed for all fitness levels. (Hybrid Class)

Integral Yoga
Guided meditation combined with poses, stretches, and breathing
exercises are utilized to help you release stress in this mixed-level
class. (Hybrid Class)

Kripalu Yoga
Increase strength, flexibility, and balance as you work your way
through a sequence of postures. Offering options for each individual
to explore their own boundaries, this class is suitable for all levels.
(Hybrid Class)

Low Impact & Toning
This low-impact cardio class is designed to increase your endurance,
balance, coordination, and strength. (Hybrid Class)

Mixed Level Flow
Whether you are looking to add to your exercise regimen or to tone
the body, this all-level yoga class is for you. Expect to flow from
one posture (asana) to the next as you build heat and flexibility in
the body with a focus on the breath. Through movement, breathing
exercises (pranayama), and relaxation at the end, you will
strengthen your mind, body, and spirit. Some experience with yoga is
helpful but not necessary. (Hybrid Class)

Muscle Sculpt
Improve definition and strength during this total body workout
that’s focused on lifting techniques and functional movement.
(Hybrid Class)

Slow Flow
An equal amount of support and challenge for all levels will be
offered in this foundation-building class through slow flow,
standing postures, seated postures. (Hybrid Class)

You’re sure to explore the mind-body connection in this feel-good class. You’ll spend 30 minutes building heat in your muscles
on the bike and then release into a Vinyasa-style flow.

Strength & Stretch
Increase your range of motion, stability, and strength as you perfect
your lifting form during this total body workout. (Hybrid Class)

Take the “work” out of your workout while you explore music
from around the world in this fun, calorie-burning dance party.
(Hybrid Class)

You can register online for classes through the Empower ME section of the website.  Members the first time you log in your username and password will be the Member ID number printed on the back of your key tag.  If you’re not a member no problem, you can register online by creating a guest profile below!

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