Monday, 8/8-Saturday, 8/27- Free IGNITE classes for ALL Island members:

Try IGNITE classes for free August 8-27!
Exclusively at Community Corners (903 Hanshaw Rd.)
Downtown OR Community Corners members may attend IGNITE classes for free, and may bring one guest to each class. Non-member guests must be with a member to attend, or must pay the $19 drop-in fee.  Limited spots are available! Advanced registration required (24 hours in advance).
Register now by calling  (607)319-0149

Current Member Info

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Member policies:

Terminations: Memberships are month-to-month, with no termination fee. Terminations must be completed by the 10th of any month in order to avoid being billed for the following month. (Example: terminate by September 10 to avoid being billed in October). You will have to pay another enrollment fee if you terminate and join again in the future, so you may want to consider a freeze (below) if you wish to return after a short time. You may terminate in person at the front desk at either location, or call (607) 319-0149 to request termination paperwork to be sent to you electronically.

Freezes: Members can freeze their membership at any time, for a $25 fee. All freezes default to 5-months, but you are welcome to reactivate at any time. If you decide to terminate while on a freeze (before reactivating), you will be charged a $50 early termination fee. For a Medical Freeze, the fee may be waived if you can provide a note from your doctor. To freeze, stop by the front desk at either location or call (607) 319-0149 to request your freeze paperwork to be sent to you electronically.

Schedules: Regularly scheduled group fitness classes are included with Downtown memberships only. Our IGNITE premier fitness classes are located at the Community Corners location and can be accessed by IGNITE members, or with a $19 drop-in fee.  Space is limited, so call (607) 319-0149 to reserve your spot.

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IGNITE Schedule (Community Corners)