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Rooftop Programing Information

While we are anxiously awaiting the reopening of our main facilities, we are excited to now be offering open-air group fitness classes and open strength floor time on the third-floor roof deck of our downtown location! Classes are open to members of both clubs, as well as guests. Please be prepared to answer pre-screening questions

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Trainer Tips with Kelly Chase

I want to say hello to my Island family and friends. I miss you all dearly, and it has been a difficult few months away from everyone. We are hopeful to be able to re-open very soon, but even then, I know it will take some time before we may see all of your bright

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Perkville Fitness Challenge: June 2020

Island Perkville Fitness Challenge June Push- Ups How many can you do? You can use the standard “military style” or “regular” pushup position with only the hands and the toes touching the floor. You always have the option of using the “bent knee” or “modified” position if you want to. Do as many pushups as

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Perkville Fitness Challenge: May 2020

Perkville Fitness Challenge: May 2020 How many explosive jumping jacks can you do in 1 min? Earn 250 Perkville points just for participating!  Interested in virtual training with Erika? Contact her today!

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