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October Trainer Tip

October 1, 2018

Yeah, its October right now. Summer is in the rear-view mirror. Some of you are fixed on the rear-view mirror and some of you already have your eyes on the road ahead. What’s up ahead is the winter season and there are quite a few fun things that you can do to keep active. Yeah, it can be cold but there are clothes that you can wear to bundle up in to keep yourself warm. Skiing and snowboarding are the main activities for the winter (only if the snow falls on the ground).

This month would be the best time to prepare for the ski/snowboard season. We need to look at some of the common injuries that occurs for the activity so we can try to prevent it. According to the Western Journal of Medicine, 49% of snowboarders that were injured were considered to be at the beginner’s level comparing to only 19% of skiers. Most injuries from snowboarding are in the upper extremities (wrist, elbow, and shoulder), which are caused mostly by falls. For skiing, most are in the lower extremities, specifically the knees, which are caused by falls as well as twist and turns.

Prevention can be considered in several ways: equipment, instruction, psychological, and physical conditioning. Let’s get into physical conditioning portion as it is my area of expertise and can offer the best tips of my knowledge. The two main focus on conditioning should be the core and the lower body. There are many different exercises for the core, you should try to hit all aspects of the core muscles (upper, middle, lower and sides). Don’t worry about trying to work it as hard to get a 6-pack (reality is that you have a better chance of having a 6-pack of drinks more than an actual 6-pack abs). Also, include ‘core lifts’ that would engage your deeper core muscles that would serve as your stability. Include deadlifts, squats, lunges, seated rows, pull-ups/downs, chest and shoulder presses in your exercise program. When it comes to your lower body, the first three of the core lifts I listed above are the best. Also, include some lateral movements and plyometrics to help strengthen the knees (lateral box jumps, side step-ups, single-leg bounding, side lunges, and more).

If you are having a hard time getting your program together, come and see any of the exercise physiologists and we will be more than happy to help you get started. Also, we have several group fitness classes available that can specifically help with your preparation, best one is the Flex-N-Core classes on every Tuesdays at 11:30. 

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