Private Swim Lessons & Coaching

Aquatic Personal Training is available for those seeking to improve swim technique or to add aquatic exercise to their routine. Water fitness offers health benefits to individuals of all fitness levels. It provides the perfect introduction to exercise as it is easy on the joints and provides a great cross-training opportunity for the serious athlete. Another benefit of working with a personal aquatics trainer is privacy. Let us assess your goals and needs, and devise a workout tailored to you. Our expert aquatic staff will help anyone from novice swimmers to Triathletes become more efficient swimmers and will help anyone add aquatics to their fitness routine. Aquatic personal trainers are available year round and will work with your schedule.

Personal training sessions and packages are available for members and non-members and are available one-on-one as well as for groups of 2-4 individuals.

Interested in an Aquatic Personal Training Session?

E-mail Laura Fowler at [email protected] 

or Evan Graney at [email protected]

Learn To Swim Classes

Get wet, have fun and swim! From Beginner to Advance Beginner to Intermediate, instruction and format will be based on each individuals abilities and will be tailored to the individuals needs and swimming goals. Contact Scott at [email protected] for more information!

Total Immersion 

We proudly offer a variety of Total Immersion™ programs! Total Immersion Master Coach Shane Eversfield offers group and individual training for swimmers of all abilities. Shane specializes in teaching efficient freestyle swimming for distance swimmers and triathletes.

The Total Immersion™ Method
Although swimming is an essential life skill, traditional teaching
and coaching methods have made it difficult to master because
they teach an awkward, exhausting style of swimming. Total
Immersion is a foolproof approach to teaching that brings
results far faster than conventional methods and helps any
student master a fluent, efficient and beautiful technique. Since
1989, Total Immersion has transformed more adults from
strugglers into skilled swimmers than any other program.
Thousands have learned from TI coaches in lessons or

Total Immersion™ at Island Health & Fitness
Island Health & Fitness in partnership with Cayuga Coaching is
proud to have T.I. Master Coach Shane Eversfield bring his
years of experience teaching the T.I. swimming method to
Island Health & Fitness. Shane leads group clinics and is also
available for private and small group lessons.

For more information, contact [email protected] or click HERE

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