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December Fitness Challenge 2015 - 500 METER ROW

December 1, 2015


  • The rower is a great total body cardiovascular exercise.  It improves endurance in the upper and lower body and is a good cross training exercise.   


  • Each participant will see how fast they can ROW 500 meters while using good form (if not sure how to use the rower take a look at the instruction sheet located on the rower).
  • Everyone will start on the 15 resistance marker.
  • The fastest time will be recorded for each age group and will be posted
    on the Challenge Board.



Step 1: Put your feet into the footrests, and make sure the strap is over the ball of your foot. This will help ensure that your foot bends properly. Your heel should remain firmly in place.

Step 2: Grab the handles, with your shins vertical and body pressed up against the legs. Your arms should be straight but relaxed. Then, push backward through your feet, keeping the chain or cable straight as you do so.

Step 3: As you're moving backward and your legs extend, use your arms to pull the handle in, close to your stomach and generally just above the bellybutton. Don't arch your back backwards and don't bend backward from the hips as you pull the handle toward you. Your limbs should work smoothly and in tandem here as the legs push and the arms pull. A good way to make sure your back is doing just the right amount of work is to try to push your shoulder blades together as you move backward, pushing your chest forward at the same time.

Step 4: As you complete the stoke, your legs should be almost (but not quite) locked and your spine lengthened and straight. You will lean back slightly, but not too much. Your forearms should be horizontal and your elbows behind your chest.

Step 5: Slide forward and let your arms straighten as your knees bend, keeping the cable or chain straight as it retracts.


A few other tips to keep in mind:

- Don't lean back too far; and make sure you move your body far enough forward as your go through the range of motion.

- Don't put too much of your back into the exercise; remember that your arms and legs are supposed to do a good amount of the work here.

- Exhale while you're pulling; inhale as you return to the starting position.

- Avoid dropping your chin to your chest; keeping your head up will help you breathe more easily and properly. 

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